Dates has been announced for opening of all Chardham Temple for 2024, Yamunotri 10 May 2024| Gangotri 10 May 2024 | Kedarnath 11May 2024 | Badrinath 12 May 2024. Advance Booking has been started for Chardham Yatra by Helicopter and Do Dham Yatra by Helicopter for Pre-Monsoon season : 10 May 2024 to 15th June 2024 and Post-Monsoon season 15 September 2024 to 25 October 2024

Do Dham Yatra By MI-17 (Double Engine)

Destinations: Badrinath Ji, Kedarnath Ji

Starting Price 1,11,000/- Per Person

Capacity- 20 Pax

(All inclusive Taxes, Royalty & Govt. Levies)

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About Do Dham Yatra

The Do Dham Yatra, one of India's most revered pilgrimages, refers to the sacred journey to two of the holiest shrines in the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand: Kedarnath and Badrinath.

Kedarnath Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, stands amidst majestic snow-capped mountains and is accessible only by trek or helicopter, emphasizing the devotion of pilgrims who brave the challenging terrain. It's a testament to spiritual perseverance, with the temple enduring the ravages of time, weather, and even natural disasters.

Badrinath Temple, devoted to Lord Vishnu, is situated between the Nar and Narayana mountain ranges. With the Alaknanda River flowing nearby, its picturesque setting and vibrant spirituality attract pilgrims and tourists alike. The temple's intricate architecture and the hot springs, known for their therapeutic properties, further enhance the pilgrimage experience.

Undertaking the Do Dham Yatra is considered a path to attaining salvation and blessings, offering a profound journey of self-discovery, devotion, and spiritual enlightenment against the backdrop of the Himalayan grandeur.

Why chose Helicopter Services for Do Dham Yatra?

Helicopter services for the Do Dham Yatra offer a luxurious, safe, and comfortable way to experience this sacred pilgrimage. They save time, allowing quick access to the shrines, and provide breathtaking aerial views of the Himalayas and the region's scenic beauty. These services are particularly beneficial for older pilgrims who may find the traditional trek challenging. They also offer a hassle-free, VIP-like darshan experience, ensuring a smoother visit to the temples without the usual crowds and queues. For those seeking a touch of adventure along with spiritual fulfilment, Do Dham Yatra by helicopter provide the perfect blend of convenience and a once-in-a-lifetime journey.

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20 Pax
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